WASLA Executive Committee

Effective November 18, 2016

Committee Description

The Executive Committee administers the Washington Chapter of ASLA including chapter events, conferences, finances, membership and advocacy.

Tasks and Goals

The main tasks & goals of the Executive Committee include:

  • Establishing and maintaining Chapter Strategic Plan with goals and objectives in accordance with ASLA’s and our members’ priorities;
  • Identifying  programs, activities, and events to reach Strategic Plan objectives;
  • Approving proposed amendments to the Chapter Constitution and Bylaws;
  • Setting the time and place for the Chapter’s annual conference and annual awards reception;
  • Issuing public statements in the name of the Chapter;
  • Establishing annual dues;
  • Overseeing committee operations;
  • Supporting student chapter activities;
  • Adopting Chapter programs and annual budgets;
  • Preparing Chapter annual reports including year-end financial statements
  • Directing staff activities and contract support services; and
  • Serve as a conduit between ASLA and our members

Executive Committee Positions



  • sets the time, place, and agenda for meetings of the Executive Committee;
  • presides at meetings of the Chapter and the Executive Committee;
  • represents and acts for the Chapter as directed by the Executive Committee and consistent with the policies of ASLA;
  • appoints the chairs and members of committees with the approval of the Executive Committee,
  • serves as a member of the Chapter Presidents Council;
  • oversees the management and administration of Chapter programs and budgets as adopted by the Executive Committee;
  • reports on the state of the Chapter at the annual meeting of the Chapter; and
  • acts as the Executive Committee liaison for the “Membership and Social Events” Committee

 President: Laura Thompson, ASLA: laura@spvv.com

altLaura works at SPVV Landscape Architects in Spokane. She is involved on design projects for K-12 schools, higher education facilities, commercial design, residential design, and master planning. Her interests include community planning which focus on increasing walkability, wayfinding, community connectivity, park planning, and garden design. She is currently a member of the Rotaract Club of Spokane, a young professionals group sponsored by the Rotary 21 club; and she serves on the Architectural Committee for the housing development, ‘The Ridge at Hangman.’   


Past President: Marieke Lacasse, ASLA; MLacasse@GGLO.com

 A Montréal native, Marieke moved to Seattle in 2000. A principal at GGLO, Marieke co-manages the Landscape Architecture group which she has been a part of for 14 years. She has assembled a talented team of professionals at GGLO that is committed to sustainable practices, collaborative design, and driven to work on urban, high-density projects that build community and resiliency. The firm’s commitment to sustainability both in external practice and internal operations has been instrumental in their creative process.  


Update as of December 1, 2016. Update as follows:


  • Collects all fees, dues, charges, and other funds due the Chapter;
  • Is the custodian of all Chapter funds and disburses such funds only as authorized by the Executive Committee;
  • Keeps the accounts of the Chapter that shall be open at all times to inspection by the Executive Committee;
  • Presents quarterly reports on the financial condition of the Chapter and year-end financial statements to the Executive Committee;
  • Initiates preparation of the Chapter's annual budget;
  • Works with the Executive Committee and standing committees regarding event budgets and sponsorships;
  • Acts as the Executive Committee liaison for the “Audit" and "Tellers" Committee.

Treasurer: Dean W. Koonts, ASLA; dkoonts@hbbseattle.com

As an owner and Principal at Hough Beck & Baird Inc. (HBB), Dean brings more than 15 years of experience designing spaces primarily in the public realm in both large- and small-scale infrastructure projects. His project work focuses on a variety of multidisciplinary projects including transit, transportation, waterfronts, higher education, parks/trails, and land use code development and planning. He also has specialized training in Crime Prevention through Environmental Design through the National Crime Prevention Council and in leadership development and small business management.


Update as of December 1, 2016. Update as follows:


  • Maintains a record of the proceedings of the Chapter's Executive Committee meetings;
  • Leads compilation of and issues the Chapter's Executive Committee meeting agendas;
  • Administers annual and special elections: prepares, issues, and receives election ballots, and notifies candidates of election results;
  • Maintains the Constitution and Bylaws of the Chapter;
  • Organizes and sets the dates and times for the monthly Executive Committee Meetings;
  • Acts as the Executive Committee liaison for the "Public Relations & Communications" Committee.

Secretary: Janelle Lotzgesell, ASLA; jlotzgesell@jonesandjones.com

As an Associate with Jones and Jones in Seattle, Janelle is a Washington native whose work at Jones and Jones focuses on multiple types of projects, including zoos, interpretive plans, and education centers. Her work previous to joining Jones and Jones kept her in New Orleans, where she collaborated with a non-profit organization in the Lower Ninth Ward to promote food justice and social resilience as a component of her master's thesis, in conjunction with practicing with a design-build firm.




  • stays informed on Chapter and Society goals and objectives, policies, programs, services, activities and events;
  • serves as the Chapter representative on the Board of Trustees of ASLA;
  • facilitates the conduct of the business of ASLA by bringing the Chapter perspective to the Board of Trustees and the national perspective to the Executive Committee and members of the Chapter;
  • facilitates the conduct of the business of the Board of Trustees by serving on standing councils or committees, special study groups or task forces, or as a representative or delegate of the Society; and acts as the Executive Committee liaison for the “Advocacy” and “Fellowship & Scholarship” Committees.

Current Trustee: Curtis LaPierre, ASLA; CLaPierre@esassoc.com

Curtis first heard there was a profession called landscape architecture at age 12, and knew instantly that’s what he wanted to be. He has degrees from UMass, the University of Idaho and the University of Illinois. Curtis has worked in consultancies the Northwest and Alaska for over thirty years primarily on public projects. Curtis leads the landscape architecture group at Environmental Science Associates’ Seattle office, where he specializes in transportation and park projects and visual resource analysis. Curtis is in his second term as Washington ASLA trustee and is a past chapter president.




  • represents a cross-section of the Chapter’s regional membership;
  • acts as the Executive Committee liaison for the “Student and Emerging Professionals” Committee;
  • acts as the Executive Committee liaison for university professional advisory councils or boards
  • acts as the Executive Committee liaison for WASLA student chapters.

Current Members-at-Large:

For eastern Washington: Julia Culp, ASLA; jculp@bwarch.com

Julia graduated from Washington State University in 2010 and relocated to Spokane, where she began her professional career. She currently works for Bernardo Wills Architects PC. With six years of experience, Julia has worked on a wide variety of project types including; trail design, park design, urban streetscapes and plazas, higher education, master planning and permitting. Julia obtained her Washington State Landscape Architecture license in 2015 and is looking forward to expanding her experience in the profession. She has been involved in volunteer activities such as the Pend Oreille River Passage Trail Design Charrette, the Arbor Day Ponderosa Pine tree planting effort and was a co-presenter at the spring 2015 Expanding Your Horizon STEM Careers Workshop. Outside of the profession she enjoys photography, painting, hiking and gardening.

For western Washington: Lara Rose, ASLA; LRose@walkermacy.com

Lara is a Principal at Walker Macy with expertise in urban parks, campuses, and landscape master plans. A New York native, Lara practiced in San Francisco for ten years and has worked on iconic public projects throughout the country and abroad. She moved to Seattle in 2013 and helped establish Walker Macy’s new local office. Lara leads a team of landscape architects who are dedicated to bringing a high level of design, attention to detail, and client and community collaboration to their projects.

 For state-wide Washington: Tim Slazinik, ASLA; TSlazinik@GGLO.com

A Midwest Native, Tim made the move to the Pacific Northwest to work with the growing Landscape Architecture team at GGLO. In his 10 years of professional practice, Tim has worked on a wide range of project types and scales across the US and internationally, but his current work is focused on Multi-Family Housing, Senior Housing, and Parks in the Greater Seattle Area. He has served ASLA as Missouri Chapter President, and nationally on the Nominations Committee and the Chapter Presidents Council.