Continuing Education

WASLA Course Development

State Continuing Education Requirements Overview

Continuing Education Resources

This page is your portal to landscape architecture WASLA’s continuing education (CE) program. Our focus is to:

  • Keep members up to date with the state’s professional continuing education requirements
  • Identify continuing education opportunities and resources to help members meet these requirements
  • Develop high-quality course offerings, and evaluate participant performance in keeping with the national Landscape Architecture Continuing Education System (LA CES™)

WASLA Course Development

The WASLA Professional Development Committee is charged with facilitating professional continuing education. The committee and WASLA as a whole see focused continuing-education development efforts as an opportunity for local landscape architects to have an active hand in shaping the professional community’s continuing education based on local practice and members’ interests.

To help members meet the new licensure requirements and help keep course fees as low as possible, we rely on sponsorship and the active participation of volunteers. Our efforts are ongoing. We welcome all volunteers.  If you are interested in helping the continuing-education program in any way, please contact our office.

ASLA Professional Practice Networks

Professional education comes not only through formal continuing education sessions, but through discussion and collaboration amongst members of the professional community. We encourage all members to involve themselves in their professional community. One such opportunity available to members is the Professional Practice Networks.