State Continuing Education Requirements Overview

WASLA does not manage or regulate landscape architects’ licenses or continuing education in any way. Since Washington State’s Practice Act is still relatively new, we are helping our members interpret and understand the continuing education requirements of the Board of Licensure for Landscape Architects. The information provided on this page offers guidance and resources for Washington-State licensees.

As of July 1, 2010, landscape architects registered and licensed in Washington State must complete 24 Professional Development Hours (PDHs) within the 2-year license period, with at least 18 of these addressing HSW_Classification (HSW). Some hours can carry forward from the end of one period to the next. You can find further details including possible exemptions in the state laws, in particular sections 175 to 215 of WAC 308-13.

While some state licensure boards pre-approve all courses offered by particular providers, our Washington State board neither limits the source nor pre-approves any courses or providers. Rather, it is the professional’s responsibility to seek out appropriate continuing-education activities and document their completion. Being a LA CES approved provider can assure landscape architects and all states’ licensing boards that WASLA courses conform to national standards, meeting the intent of Washington State RCW 18.96.110(3). WASLA currently focuses its course development to meet LA CES requirements and address HSW. This may exclude some content that our board would also find appropriate.

The board’s website and Professional Development Worksheet describe the licensee’s responsibilities and Washington State’s flexible approach to continuing education. They explain what serves as a record of participation in a CE event and how long to store these records. The board will randomly choose 5–15% of licensees each year for an audit. Only if you are selected for an audit will you submit records of your professional development activities. We recommend you use the DOL’s worksheet or a similar form to help log and track these activities. LA CES Certificates of Completion and the LA CES database will help simplify that process for you, however be sure you retain other relevant course documentation.