2018 WASLA Conference


Resonate celebrates the resounding impact of our work as landscape professionals. Leaving a lasting legacy in our role as environmental stewards demonstrates our ecological resonance. Giving voice to a profession and the spaces it occupies demonstrates our political resonance. Responding to and celebrating diversity and accessibility demonstrates our cultural resonance. The reverb of our profession cannot be ignored, nor can our persistent pursuit of representation, accessibility, and longevity of our prized open spaces. Inspired by the critical moments of our times in a rapidly changing context, the WASLA 2018 Annual Conference welcomes discussions about the role of landscape professionals in shaping endearing spaces, and how together our voice, our impact, and our legacy resonate.

Conference Program

The 2018 WASLA Conference takes full advantage of all that the heart of Seattle and the surrounding area offer: unparalleled views and urban spaces, vibrant culture, great food and fun. The conference features a range of educational sessions (eligible for LACES pdh), receptions, and the state’s largest gathering of landscape professionals. A total of 14.5 Professional Development Hours are available, with 6.5 units available at the Conference itself, 2 units for each of the Thursday Field Sessions, and 4 units for the Saturday Sketch Crawl.

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