The Evolution of Project Delivery Methods in Public Landscape Development Projects in the Era of Constricted Public Funding

Friday, May 29 | 3:15 - 4:05pm
Location: Fuji Rooms 3-4

Speaker: Jarvis Payne, Landscape Architect, Walker Macy Landscape Architects


In our era of more restricted public financing that receives even greater scrutiny, project delivery methods are evolving with an emphasis for greater collaboration between the design team and the building contractor.   For Landscape Architects, the traditional role of consultant for a public agency or building architect is evolving into the role of consultant for a building contractor or developer.  Public agencies are looking for alternatives to the traditional Design Bid Build delivery method that address agency concerns with construction cost containment and the perceived adversarial roles between the design team and the building contractor.  In this seminar, the role of the landscape architect will be examined through specific case studies for each of the four primary project delivery methods; Traditional Design Bid Build; Design Bid Build w/ Construction Management (CMGC); Design Build and Public Private Partnership (P3).

Learning Objectives:
  • Understanding the public agencies rationale behind selecting either of the four traditional project delivery methods.
  • Knowledge of the benefits and potential pitfalls for each method for the Landscape Architect.
  • Awareness of the current trends in public financing that are driving need to find alternative delivery methods.
Speaker Bio: Jarvis Payne, Landscape Architect, Walker Macy Landscape Architects

With over 30 years in the profession, Jarvis has extensive experience managing complex public landscape development projects in Washington, Oregon, California and Texas. Jarvis’ project management experience encompasses many traditional and alternative project delivery methods for higher education projects, public park projects, and military facilities.  Jarvis is a registered landscape architect in Oregon and California.