Climate Action Committee

Committee Description

The WASLA Climate Action committee provides resources and education for Washington landscape architects to assist in meeting the ASLA’s Climate Action Plan, goals and objectives.

Tasks and Goals

  • Breakdown the Climate Action Plan and figure out ways to help landscape architects dive in without hesitation. 
  • Help landscape architects apply the Field Guide locally in Washington State
  • Provide a platform for WA state landscape architects to learn from each other and adjacent experts on Climate Action topics
  • Help landscape architects understand and comply with state climate laws

How You Can Get Involved

If you want to contribute your thoughts, expertise, and time; please join us as a volunteer. New ideas and new faces are always welcome. Please contact the WASLA administrative office by email at [email protected] or by phone (360) 867-8820.

Climate Action Plan – Cheat Sheet

Here is a handy Cheat Sheet the WASLA Climate Action Committee has put together to help you dive into ASLA’s Climate Action Plan (CAP). Print the cheat sheet out and have it ready at your desk for a quick reference of what’s included in the CAP Field Guide.

CAP Field Guide - WA Resource List

The Climate Action Committee is forming a list of helpful resources related to the topics covered in the CAP Field Guide that are specific to Washington State or the greater PNW. Help us form this list of resources to empower the Washington State collective of landscape architects as we work to achieve the goals of the Climate Action Plan Field Guide!

We are collecting resources here.

Resources might include local tools, metrics, white papers or references to other experts or institutions (scientists, government groups, non-profits etc.) that are working toward similar goals as ASLA’s climate action plan. The WASLA Climate Committee will be pooling and working to vet these resources and will share with the Chapter at large.

Did you miss our kick-off webinar on May 11th? Watch it HERE!


Committee Members

Chair - Stefanie Loomis
Abby Jones
Cami Freeman
Catherine de Almeida
Evan Blondell
Laura Enman
Randall Taylor
Samantha Patterson
Steve Austin
Vaughn Rinner
Jackson Blalock

Board of Directors Liaison: President Nick Zurlini

For more information please contact WASLA at Phone: 360-867-8820;  Email: [email protected]