The Value of WASLA Membership


To become a member of our Chapter, you must first become a member of the national American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA). Based on the location you provide on your application form, you will then be added to our Chapter's membership roster. Please visit ASLA's Membership webpage to get started!

Member: $95
Associate: $75
Affiliate: $95

In the current economic climate of tight budgets and careful spending, potential WASLA members are often confronted with the challenge of paying their dues. For those interested in joining, not knowing exactly what they are getting for their money can be a deterrent to membership. For some, dues may be covered by a member’s workplace, while for others, the value of this expense is not always understood by their employers. Membership is crucial to the health and growth of our profession.

WASLA has helped transform the understanding and respect of the profession of landscape architecture in our state. The breadth of work that our professionals have access to, including residential clients, municipalities, developers, the US military, and countless more exists today in part because WASLA has fought tirelessly to promote the value of our profession. Looking forward, WASLA is a safeguard for the future of our profession.

WASLA is committed to providing our members opportunities to learn and grow in their careers. In our field, individual practitioners exist as part of a larger network of professionals, and WASLA allows you to be part of that connection. It is vital to have an organization that advocates and upholds the quality of our education and the execution of our profession. As WASLA advocates for the profession of landscape architecture, it is important to advocate for the organization of WASLA, which becoming a member provides.

The following are just some examples how WASLA will benefit you as a potential member.

Renewing Members

A WASLA membership provides discounts for all of the ASLA sponsored events held throughout the year as well as events for the local chapter. This is a great way to recover membership fees while continuing one's education, establishing a professional network, and accessing resources for one's professional development. Renew your membership today.

Students and Recent Grads

Joining WASLA will help an emerging professional develop a network of professional contacts and mentors that can provide feedback on a career path. Connections that are made early in a professional career can prove highly valuable years down the road. Aside from occupational benefits, graduates who have left their college setting and moved elsewhere have the opportunity to become familiar with their new community in a fun and social way. Advance your career through membership.

For Unemployed

For landscape architects out of work, the cost of membership can seem even more daunting. However, benefits of a membership include exposure to colleagues and employers at numerous networking events throughout the year, as well as the ability to post resumes on the WASLA website for potential employers to view.

Going even further, the dedication an unemployed landscape architect exhibits by maintaining a WASLA membership and associating with design professionals is a great way to market one’s self as a valuable asset to the profession. Join us today.


Members who go a step further by volunteering exhibit their strong sense of individual responsibility and giving back to the community. They understand that united, members can support, challenge and improve the profession more than as individuals. 

For Employers

For firm principals, encouraging membership and contributing to employee dues is justified by the knowledge that WASLA supports both the profession and its community. The strength of the organization lies in the base of its membership. By promoting employee membership, the member support base grows. It takes supporting members and volunteers to make these vital community resources sustainable.

At a national level, ASLA lobbies for legislation that protects the environment and promotes projects that employ landscape architects. At a state level, WASLA works to protect minimum standards that regulate how landscape architects practice and restrict non-licensed enterprises from competing in the field. All of this is possible through a strong member base.

In addition, employees that are WASLA members are connected to industry trends and innovations that they can integrate into their practice and firm, bolstering the credibility of the firm and its appeal to prospective clients.

We encourage all members to get involved with one of the WASLA committees that help support and promote the profession of Landscape Architecture.

If you are interested in serving on a committee or volunteering with WASLA, please contact the office at [email protected] or 360-867-8820.