WASLA Board of Directors

Effective November  2022

Committee Description

The Board of Directors administers the Washington Chapter of ASLA including chapter events, conferences, finances, membership and advocacy.

Tasks and Goals

The main tasks & goals of the Board of Directors include:

  • Establishing and maintaining Chapter Strategic Plan with goals and objectives in accordance with ASLA’s and our members’ priorities;
  • Identifying  programs, activities, and events to reach Strategic Plan objectives;
  • Approving proposed amendments to the Chapter Constitution and Bylaws;
  • Setting the time and place for the Chapter’s annual conference and annual awards reception;
  • Issuing public statements in the name of the Chapter;
  • Establishing annual dues;
  • Overseeing committee operations;
  • Supporting student chapter activities;
  • Adopting Chapter programs and annual budgets;
  • Preparing Chapter annual reports including year-end financial statements
  • Directing staff activities and contract support services; and
  • Serve as a conduit between ASLA and our members

Board of Directors Positions



  • Sets the time, place, and agenda for meetings of the Board of Directors;
  • Presides at meetings of the Chapter and the Board of Directors;
  • Represents and acts for the Chapter as directed by the Board of Directors and consistent with the policies of ASLA;
  • Appoints the chairs and members of committees with the approval of the Board of Directors,
  • Serves as a member of the Chapter Presidents Council;
  • Oversees the management and administration of Chapter programs and budgets as adopted by the Board of Directors;
  • Reports on the state of the Chapter at the annual meeting of the Chapter; and
  • Acts as the Board of Directors liaison for the “Membership and Social Events” Committee

President: Nicholas Zurlini, ASLA

Nicholas is a 2019 graduate from the University of Washington, who received a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture degree and Minor in Architecture.
At the University, he served as Co-President for the University of Washington Student Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architecture and discovered one of his greater passions exists in community outreach and engagement. He sought out ways to improve communication between students and faculty, connect his peers with professionals, and engage the community around him.
Nicholas hopes to integrate these passions into his career, and engage the profession with new typologies and frameworks of youth outreach and mentorship, that can better inform design thinking and build future generations of landscape architects.




  • represents and acts for the Chapter as directed by the president and consistent with the policies of the Society as established by the Board of Trustees
  • serves ex officio as a member of the Nominating Committee
  • serves as acting president when designated by the president or the Board of Directors
  • performs such other duties as are customary for the office of chapter immediate past president or as may be assigned or delegated by the president

Immediate Past-President: Duane Dietz, ASLA

I’m a licensed landscape architect with more than 30 years of experience, much of it at Jones and Jones Architects and Landscape Architects. My work includes the planning and design of regional parks, educational and play spaces, zoos, botanical gardens, cultural facilities and historic preservation; and the creation of low impact development standards. My favorite projects include work on Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park, the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, D.C., and most recently the Oregon Zoo Education Center in Portland.

My first association with WASLA began in 1986 as a student volunteer at the 1986 ASLA Annual Meeting in Seattle. In 1987 I served as the UW’s Student Representative to the WASLA board. That same year I join the WASLA team responsible for the design of the Seattle-Tashkent Sister City Peace Park in Uzbekistan, USSR.  In 1988 I spent six weeks in Tashkent helping to build the Peace Park, followed by a trip in 1989 to set up an exchange between the UW and Tashkent Polytechnic University.  My involvement with WASLA continued with the 1998 ASLA National Conference in and I served as Program Chair of WASLA’s annual conference in 2012 and 2013 as well as an impromptu advisor during the last threat to landscape architecture licensure in 2017.

Recently, Billy Fleming at the University of Pennsylvania School of Design, issued a challenge to all landscape architects to remake our profession as part of a “Green New Deal”.  In Fleming’s call I see a new opportunities for landscape architects to take on greater leadership roles in design, outreach, and habitat renewal and is something I would pursue as President of WASLA.  And I would recommend that you read Fleming’s article: https://placesjournal.org/article/design-and-the-green-new-deal/#.XNn2kUD5kcg.mailto




  • Collects all fees, dues, charges, and other funds due the Chapter;
  • Is the custodian of all Chapter funds and disburses such funds only as authorized by the Board of Directors;
  • Keeps the accounts of the Chapter that shall be open at all times to inspection by the Board of Directors;
  • Presents quarterly reports on the financial condition of the Chapter and year-end financial statements to the Board of Directors;
  • Initiates preparation of the Chapter's annual budget;
  • Works with the Board of Directors and standing committees regarding event budgets and sponsorships;
  • Acts as the Board of Directors liaison for the “Audit" and "Tellers" Committee.

Treasurer: Su Wanqin, ASLA

As a landscape architect with 5 years of experience, Su has worked in the San Francisco Bay Area, New Orleans, Shanghai, and Southeast China, before arriving in Seattle in 2017.

Growing up in a populated City along the Chinese coast, she has always been fascinated with how humans and the environment drive the transformation of each other. Her passion as a landscape architect is to create designs that speak to the nature of the site, as well as provide amenities for local communities to enjoy.

Currently, she is a member of the City of Redmond Design Review Board, and a Co-leader for Magnuson Park Children’s Garden Design Committee. She is interested in financial aspects of the practice and sees the treasurer position as an opportunity to hone her skills and be a leader.



  • Maintains a record of the proceedings of the Chapter's Board of Directors meetings;
  • Leads compilation of and issues the Chapter's Board of Directors meeting agendas;
  • Administers annual and special elections: prepares, issues, and receives election ballots, and notifies candidates of election results;
  • Maintains the Constitution and Bylaws of the Chapter;
  • Organizes and sets the dates and times for the monthly Board of Directors Meetings;
  • Acts as the Board of Directors liaison for the "Public Relations & Communications" Committee.

Secretary: Jason Henry, ASLA

As a principal with Berger Partnership, Jason has built a practice around urban ecology and integrating ecological themes into the urban environment. Over the past twenty-four years his experience has involved every level of project development from master planning through construction completion for a wide array of project typologies, all bound by the philosophy that his work is an opportunity to educate people about the environments and communities in which they live while enriching their daily lives through placemaking and meaningful design. His collaborative work style and passion for creating lasting and memorable environments is evident in all of his work.




  • Stays informed on Chapter and Society goals and objectives, policies, programs, services, activities and events;
  • Serves as the Chapter representative on the Board of Trustees of ASLA;
  • Facilitates the conduct of the business of ASLA by bringing the Chapter perspective to the Board of Trustees and the national perspective to the Board of Directors and members of the Chapter;
  • Facilitates the conduct of the business of the Board of Trustees by serving on standing councils or committees, special study groups or task forces, or as a representative or delegate of the Society; and acts as the Board of Directors liaison for the “Advocacy” and “Fellowship & Scholarship” Committees.

Trustee: Marieke Lacasse, ASLA

A Montréal native, Marieke moved to Seattle in 2000. A principal at GGLO, Marieke co-manages the Landscape Architecture group which she has been a part of since 2001. She has assembled a talented team of professionals at GGLO that is committed to sustainable practices, collaborative design, and driven to work on urban, high-density projects that build community and resiliency. The firm’s commitment to sustainability both in external practice and internal operations has been instrumental in their creative process.  




  • Represents a cross-section of the Chapter’s regional membership;
  • Acts as the Board of Directors liaison for the “Student and Emerging Professionals” Committee;
  • Acts as the Board of Directors liaison for university professional advisory councils or boards
  • Acts as the Board of Directors liaison for WASLA student chapters.


Statewide Member-at-Large: Maureen Colaizzi, ASLA

Maureen's dedication and commitment to stewardship has led to a nearly 30-year career in public practice. A graduate from Penn State University's Landscape Architecture program, Maureen began her career in Florida working for Walt Disney World, the Cities of Orlando and St. Petersburg as well as Hillsborough County. After attending the 1998  ASLA National Conference in Portland, Oregon, she moved to the northwest and has gone on to work for four Western Washington cities: Vancouver, Seattle, Shoreline and Kenmore. Along the way, she has played a leading role in ASLA. In Florida, she was the Tampa Bay Section Chair 1995-97. In Oregon, she was the Oregon Land Magazine Editor/Writer for the Oregon Chapter from 2000-2001. 

In Washington she was Member- At-Large Western Washington from 2004-2005, President-Elect-President-Past President 2005-20007, and from 2007-2021 she was a member of the Member Programs Committee, the University of Washington Mentor and Juror for the Student WASLA/ASLA Awards. This year Maureen was elected to serve on the ASLA Public Practice Advisory Committee to develop and recommend strategies and programs to ASLA to: increase awareness of the value of built and natural public landscapes; identify and promote opportunities for collaboration among public and private practice landscape architects; and encourage students in landscape architecture programs to pursue careers in the public sector. 


Eastern Washington Member-at-Large: Joshua Tripp, ASLA

Josh presents nearly 30 years of diverse professional landscape architecture experience with an emphasis on site planning and detailed design. In addition to commercial/retail projects, Josh has provided collaborative services for medical facilities, technology campuses, educational institutions, tourism destinations, parks & recreation, and single-family residential projects. His understanding of landscape construction and the creative process ensures project tasks will be completed in a cost & time conscious manner. Josh engages the design team early on (ensuring client goals & objectives are clearly identified) and is a contributing member throughout project development and construction.

Throughout his career Josh has remained active in several local networking groups such as: OneAEC, Association of General Contractors, Spokane Executives Association, GSI Spokane, and the American Society of Landscape Architects – constantly looking for opportunities to connect with individuals, colleagues, and friends alike. Mr. Tripp earned his BSLA from Washington State University in 1997 where he received academic scholarships as well as completed international studies in Italy, Germany, and Copenhagen. Joshua has held executive committee positions on both Washington’s and Arizona’s State ASLA organizations.


Western Washington Member-at-Large: Mike Faulkner, ASLA

I’m a PLA with 20 years of experience designing public projects across the western United States including AZ, CA, CO, ID, TX, UT & WA. As a landscape architect, I’ve always strived to place an emphasis on leading a holistic, collaborative and fun design process towards creating projects that represent the uniqueness of our communities while also enhancing well-being. Recently, I’ve found myself advocating for more dynamic parks and community public spaces as a means of creating more resilient and equitable places to live. I’ve enjoyed working with local non-profits to design, build and fund community gardens and gathering spaces, and am always looking for opportunities to get involved and lend my design expertise.

Throughout my career, I’ve enjoyed mentoring landscape architecture students and emerging professionals. I’ve found myself inspired by their creativity, optimism, and commitment to sustainability which is helping to advance our profession. I believe this would be a great opportunity for me to work with the Student and Emerging Professionals Committee, WASLA Student Chapter, and University professional advisory councils as a Board of Directors liaison

For more information please contact WASLA at Phone: 360-867-8820;  Email: [email protected]