The following persons are seeking an opportunity. Contact the listed person if you are interested in hiring them. Resumes are only for potential employment consideration. Do not contact anyone for any other reasons, including selling your services or products.

Asif Khan - 3/17/2020

Fan Lan - 2/10/2020

Abigail K. Elllis - 8/19/2019

Jacqueline Kim - 8/16/2019

Stevie Koepp - 7/9/2019

Aaron Parker - 6/21/2019

Ya Cai - 6/5/2019

Mariam Were - 4/12/2019

Mao Shuang - 5/6/2019

Zhao Zhuping - 5/7/2019

You can send us your resume to post on our site. Resume must be a .doc or .pdf format and not more than two pages or file size 50kb (one page is recommended). We will keep a link to your resume for three months. Authority has all rights reserved not to keep resume displayable if necessary. Send your resume to the office and we will get it posted. Please allow us 1-2 business days to post.