8th & Republican

Project Title: 8th & Republican
Landscape Architect: Hewitt
Category: Category III - Residential Design Multi-Family
Location: Seattle, WA
Description: In rapidly developing urban centers, deliberate and creative landscape architecture design can significantly help new multifamily housing projects better integrate into their neighborhood context and promote walkability to provide meaningful benefits for new residents, existing adjacent residences and businesses, and within the greater surrounding community. In Seattle’s urban core, each point of a walkability score translates to a residential market value of $5,000. While walk scores are by definition focused on the mechanics of walking via sidewalks and crosswalks, a project's walkability ultimately takes into account the public space oriented around pedestrian design, the presence of people to activate a corridor, and the activities and features that draw them together.

The landscape architecture of the 8th & Republican project accomplishes this objective through design assets that create visual delight at the street level and attract visitors to the site’s retail operations through the integration of elements like residential stoops, elevated decking, rain gardens, and a water feature. This layered integration enlarge the civic contribution to public space and give the residential neighborhood a heart.

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