Chatham University Eden Hill Campus

Project Title: Design for the Anthropocene: Chatham University Eden Hall Campus, a Place for Inquiry
Landscape Architect: Mithun
Category: Category I - General Design over $500,000 Construction Budget
Location: Mattawa, WA
Description: As the effects of climate change become more apparent, our cultural relationship to nature is changing. The way we design our world is taking on new urgency. Chatham University Eden Hall Campus, home to the Falk School of Sustainability, is designed to immerse students in an environment that demands inquiry. The campus explores tradition and innovation, comparing the old farm and the new farm to make change apparent and raise questions about how we make decisions about nature. An active research environment, the campus holistically incorporates multiple hybrid systems: sustainable agriculture and food systems including aquaculture, water treatment and nutrient recovery, soil health, invasive management, renewable energy and integration of site with building technology. The campus also invites mindful living and addresses increasing student interest in experiential learning and a fundamentally different campus environment a new farm designed to export energy, clean water and food locally. It is a living laboratory where waste and ecological systems are visible, exposed and engaging.

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