Newberg Residence

Project Title: Newberg Residence, living in harmony with nature.
Landscape Architect: Place Studio
Category: Category IV - Residential Design Single-Family
Location: Newberg, OR
Description: Living in harmony with nature, a treasure and a quest, inspired creation of a home treading lightly in the woods, sitting on a pond. Conceived as a unit, the pond and the house work in accord to reinforce emotional connections to nature. Rooted to its setting at the fringe of a clearing, the home bridges the north edge of a created pond. One arrives via a choreographed sequence; leaving cars behind, trekking along a crafted forest path and welcoming boardwalk to the front door. As door opens, the grandeur of the pond forest landscape beyond revels its tranquil beauty.

The design team approached the project with a light touch creating the pond from a derelict logging site and augmenting it to be self-regulating. The planting takes its cue from the environment with shady ferns and dappled Vine Maple. At the pond edge Slough Sedge and Bullrush work to filter the water and seamlessly mingling with the meadow grasses leading to the rich forest ecotone.

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