Seahurst Park

Project Title: Seahurst Park: Restoring Ecosystems and Building Resiliency on Puget Sound
Landscape Architect: Anchor QEA
Category: Category V - Analysis and Planning
Location: Seattle, WA
Description: As the largest seawall removal project on Puget Sound, Seahurst Park exemplifies how to holistically plan and design a resilient coastal zone that meets the needs of a diverse community and restores ecological function. The project, a partnership between the City of Burien and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, took 12 years to plan, design, and construct. The restoration grew out of a large-scale Endangered Species Act salmon recovery assessment. Landscape architects played a key role in establishing the ecological foundations of the Seahurst Park Ecosystem Restoration Project. They also led a master planning and design process with a team of scientists, planners, and engineers. This effort balanced the need to protect ESA-listed salmon, enhance recreation opportunities and environmental education features, and provide sustainable infrastructure improvements. The first of two construction phases provided valuable learning opportunities from scientific monitoring and from the community, informing the design of the second phase. Through improvements to beach access and restoration of degraded habitat, the park is now a multi-layered, resilient open space benefitting people and wildlife.

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