Wanapum Heritage Center

Project Title: A Living Cultural Center Bounded by Mountains, Sky and River: Wanapum Heritage Center
Landscape Architect: Mithun
Category: Category I - General Design over $500,000 Construction Budget
Location: Mattawa, WA
Description: The new Wanapum Heritage Center is a collaborative effort between the Wanapum People of Priest Rapids and the Grant County Public Utility District (PUD) to tell the story of the Wanapum in a living cultural center. Located on the shores of the Columbia River, near the traditional center of the Wanapum community, the museum and heritage center takes its cues from the basalt cliffs of the surrounding landscape. Sited to honor views of the Columbia River and the hills beyond, the project is surrounded by an expanse of the native sagebrush steppe. The sinuous entry road captures glimpses of the river and heritage center while the entry path aligns with the equinox sunrise, marked by the Wanapum seasons and language. A simple terrace faces the Columbia River; it is a place for meals and gathering near the river that has sustained the Wanapum people since time immemorial. The 50,000 square foot building houses the permanent exhibit and repository as well as the transparent Welcome Place, which houses the facility's more active visitor and community-based functions.

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