2017 Annual WASLA Conference

Spokane Convention Center, April 21, 2017
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10:15-11:15 AM
Street Improvements in Two Historic Downtowns: Duvall and Snoqualmie


This presentation examines how new street improvements integrate with the History of each downtown and the Natural setting of the Snoqualmie Valley. The Cities of Duvall and Snoqualmie are located in the rural Snoqualmie Valley.  The Valley and its beautiful natural setting, lies along the foothills of the Cascade Mountains.  Residents of both communities highly value their connection to the Valley and celebrate living in their respective communities. Both cities are over 100 years old and both of their historic downtowns needed infrastructure and street enhancements for both repair, placemaking and revitalization. 

Lead Speaker:

Paul Fuesel

Speaker Bio:

Paul Fuesel, PLA, Principal, KPG
Paul has 26 years of experience practicing landscape architecture at KPG.  KPG is a municipal design firm with offices in Seattle, Tacoma and Wenatchee, focusing on public realm infrastructure projects.  Paul is an Urban Design Principal overseeing visioning, public outreach, city process, and design of streets, trails, gateways and everything in between. 

Learning Objectives:
  • Acquire a basic overview of downtown street improvement design on rural State Routes. Design issues related to: legacy tree preservation, design next to an active railroad line, and art interpretation/integration, incorporating historic values and elements.
  • Describe the relationship between infrastructure, streetscape and revitalization goals.



Where History Meets Nature

Spokane Convention Center
Spokane, WA