Data 1

Project Title: Data 1
Landscape Architect: Weber Thompson
Category: General Design, Private Ownership
Location: Seattle, WA
DATA 1 is a mixed-use project located in the heart of Seattle’s expanding Fremont neighborhood. Through thoughtful design and collaboration with the development team, it has completely transformed what was once a dreary and unwelcoming streetscape underneath the Aurora Bridge. The project brings the community an enhanced pedestrian experience while innovative landscape design features help clean the local waterways.

Located below the Aurora Bridge, near a migratory path of several endangered salmon species, the project focuses on strategies to reduce negative impacts on salmon. It treats unfiltered bridge runoff that previously drained into Lake Union. Now, water is re-routed through planted bioretention cells that slow and treat it through stepped metal weirs until it’s deposited sans pollutants at the storm drain. An average of 160,000 gallons of water will be treated annually. For this, the project received Salmon-Safe Certification in 2016.

DATA 1’s landscape design is award-winning because it voluntarily mitigates a major neighborhood water pollution source, provides pedestrian connections to several neighborhood attractions, and has inspired a string of nearby sustainable landscape developments.

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