Kenmore Town Square

Project Title: Kenmore Town Square
Landscape Architect: HEWITT
Category: General Design, Public Ownership
Location: Kenmore, WA
The City of Kenmore (incorporated in 1998) is a diverse and densifying community situated on the north shore of Lake Washington. Home to the nation’s largest Seaplane commercial air facility and historically rooted in logging and lakefront access, Kenmore has seen a recent influx of growth. This growth will continue with regional light rail system expansion providing predictable transit access.

To set the right trajectory for future development and to foster civic pride, the City and its residents sought the design of a public-ly-funded town square to be a catalyst for growth and to help establish a downtown core. Initially conceived as a 10,000 SF plaza, the design team successfully guided the city through a design process that doubled the size of the project to include a new civic building and a future private restaurant building.  The multi-consultant design team, primed and led by the Landscape Architect, facilitated numerous public meetings, workshops, and surveys to ensure the public voice was well heard and that common goals for success were established.

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