Meridian Center for Health

Project Title: Meridian Center for Health
Landscape Architect: Site Workshop
Category: General Design, Private Ownership
Location: Seattle, WA
Centered around a verdant, restored wetland, the landscape design for the Meridian Center for Health provides a restorative environment where under-served and low-income families and individuals of North Seattle can access integrated healthcare services. The surrounding neighborhood of Licton Springs, once home to numerous mineral springs and wetlands, held spiritual significance for the Duwamish tribe who attributed healing qualities to its rust-colored water. The design team embraced this narrative and strove to create healthy and peaceful outdoor spaces through the restoration of an existing wetland and the addition of a series of interconnected bioretention planters. Bridges lead visitors over the lush swales to arrive at a lookout point that cantilevers over the wetland, before arriving at the building’s front entry.  A pedestrian loop trail winds through an adjacent park, drawing the neighborhood into the campus where gathering and seating areas invite patients, staff and locals to sit and enjoy the rich, seasonality of the plantings. 

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