Resilient by Design Bay Area Challenge: ouR-HOME

Project Title: Resilient by Design Bay Area Challenge: ouR-HOME
Landscape Architect: Mithun
Category: Research, Analysis and Planning
Location: North Richmond, CA
How can sea level rise infrastructure investments be used as a social justice tool? Many of the Bay Area’s most vulnerable communities, those enduring poverty and structural racism, are in areas highly susceptible to sea level rise and fl ooding. Through the lens of “home,” the team explored adaptive solutions with residents to ensure
the ability to remain in place and thrive. Pursuing a “both, and” approach, the multi-disciplinary team, led by landscape architects, addressed both structural inequity in the Bay Area by meeting the immediate needs of housing and health, and strategies to nurture living shorelines that protect residents, regional infrastructure and species. The team engaged in a deep community and stakeholder process to fi nd maximum social impact for every proposed dollar spent on climate change adaptation.

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