Pike Motorworks

Project Title: Pike Motorworks
Landscape Architect: HEWITT
Category: Residential Design
Location: Seattle, WA
On Seattle’s gritty, historic “Auto Row,” an old BMW showroom was transformed into a true mixed-use residential space. With a jumble of properties strategically assembled together to span a full block, a series of urban passages organize the development and create rich place-making opportunity in the heart of Capitol Hill.

Pike Motorworks touches four streets yet controls only one corner. A cruciform courtyard at the intersection of two mid-block passag-es connects three of the street frontages and creates a vital heart within the two-building complex. A half moon south-facing courtyard brings new life to the historic retail frontage on Pike.

Architectural portals create enticing thresholds to the space, framing artwork and found object fabrications directed by the landscape architecture team. The internal courtyard holds a nexus of activity with retail spilling into space alongside two primary residential en-tries. A study in honest materials and subtle details provide respite from the active, sometimes raucous streetscapes beyond.

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