2020 Annual WASLA Conference

Seattle Airport Marriott, March 27, 2020

Video production for landscape architects


With the ever-changing digital landscape, the ways people absorb information have been dramatically changing. Video has become the dominant communication format, and a good video is extremely efficient and influential. Landscape architecture in many ways is about marketing and branding. Videos now are used in presentations, competitions, e-letters, and public. Harley Pan, a professional videographer with LA background, will demonstrate the keys for making a great video. The goal of the session is to empower participants with new knowledge about videography, and show that the brains between a landscape architect and a filmmaker are not that different.

Speaker Bios:

Harley Pan, Videographer and Multimedia Designer, University of Washington

Harley Pan, a professional videographer and multimedia designer working in University of Washington, specializes in campaign videos, college sport videos, event videos, research storytelling videos, branding videos, social media strategy contents, digital signage multimedia videos, and videos for landscape architects and urban planners. In the past years, Harley has worked in marketing teams in different universities, and has made professional videos that helped numerous clients achieve their goals. The essence of his work is based on building "the sense of place" and "the rhythm of viewer emotion" in film. Harley is a planner, a designer, a presentation design strategist, and a video artist who has a landscape architecture background. His piece "Be A CofC Cougar" won the 2016 Telly Award Bronze in Educational Marketing category. For more info: http://harleypan-videography.com

Learning Objectives:

  • How to distinguish a bad video vs a great video.
  • How to set the right goal of a video.
  • What are the skills to communicate/negotiate with a videographer vendor.
  • What are the types of videos in the branding and marketing world.
  • The basics and logic about video production workflow.
  • How to utilize your landscape architecture brain on framing, camera movements, sequence planning, and scriptwriting strategies in video production.
  • How to make something that wows people with limited budget.