Lake City Park - Connecting Community

Project Title: Lake City Park - Connecting Community
Landscape Architect: Board & Vellum
Category: General Design, Public
Award: Award of Merit
Location: Seattle, WA

Lake City Park was created to serve Seattle’s ethnically and economically diverse Lake City neighborhood. In its urban setting where green space is lacking, Lake City Park offers new opportunities for community members to interact with and enjoy the outdoors. A cairn-inspired sculpture stands as a beacon to the neighborhood, welcoming all who enter the park, and inspiring celebration, healing, and joy through its vibrant, geometric shape. Just as the sculpture is composed of different pieces bonded together, the park, too, combines a variety of programs to create a cohesive and unified space. A basketball court, play area, and climbing wall encourage active play, while walkways, seating areas, and a community P-Patch garden offer space for reflection, relaxation, and passive pursuits. Taken together, the park’s design provides for the diverse needs of the community and accommodates a variety of mobility needs. Through a collaborative and community-centered process, Lake City Park offers multicultural appeal in a space the community can enjoy for generations to come.

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