Lakefront Blocks: Connecting Urban Fabric

Project Title: Lakefront Blocks: Connecting Urban Fabric
Landscape Architect: HEWITT
Category: General Design, Private
Award: Award of Merit
Location: Seattle, WA

With a goal of creating a landscape system greater than the sum of its parts, the design team rigorously studied the context for this two-square block project, inviting this context in to inform the design of a place that celebrates authentic connection at both a civic and human scale. Situated between two hills near the lake’s edge, Lakefront Blocks serves as a gateway between the waterfront and the South Lake Union neighborhood in Seattle. South Lake Union’s thriving urban office neighborhood draws leading companies to Seattle. For Lakefront Blocks—a hybrid office, retail, and housing complex—the team integrated landscape architecture with urban design principles for walkability and human scale to craft a hallmark mixed-use destination along the southern edge of Lake Union.

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