Sound Transit Northgate Station

Project Title: Sound Transit Northgate Station
Landscape Architect: Swift Company LLC
Category: General Design, Public
Award: Award of Merit
Location: Seattle, WA

The Northlink Light Rail extension is made up of a below-grade light rail line and a family of three stations; Brooklyn (N-140), Roosevelt (N-150), and Northgate (N-160), connecting with communities to the north and south. The Northgate Station site is located in a rapidly developing urban village that continues to evolve into a dense mixed-use neighborhood between the urban center and the suburban communities beyond.

The station district is adjacent to theI-5 corridor and connected to the west by the recently integrated pedestrian and cycle bridge over the freeway. The 2-acre site is an intermodal transit node where pedestrians, cyclists, and bus commuters converge, circulate, and interact. The station is designed in response to its context with multi-modal connections. It creates safe, intuitive, and comfortable connections for pedestrians, cyclists, and transit riders, while integrating into the community fabric and expressing the community character. It is a place that accommodates rapid transit movements, and opportunities for individuals to stop and rest at their own pace.

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