Terminal 1 Vancouver Landing Redevelopment Project

Project Title: Terminal 1 Vancouver Landing Redevelopment Project
Landscape Architect: GreenWorks PC
Category: General Design, Public
Award: Award of Merit
Location: Vancouver, WA

This iconic 10.7-acre site is part of the larger 50-acre, one-half mile long new Columbia River Waterfront Redevelopment Project adjacent to downtown Vancouver,Washington.As a catalyst project, the Vancouver Landing Project set the stage for future work by celebrating the site’s commercial and industrial history while greening and reimaging an existing derelict amphitheater, restoring the shoreline, and making vital connections to the adjacent waterfront, new development and amenities, the existing Renaissance Trail to the east, and downtown Vancouver, bringing continued economic vitality to the area. The public space features plazas, seating areas, boardwalks, stormwater gardens, trails, and interpretive features. The public involvement process and virtual reality images, video walk-through, and flythroughs were instrumental in generating project buzz, resulting in the Port getting significant funding from the State of Washington to help make the project a reality. Based on the team’s commitment to green infrastructure and sustainability, the project has high sustainability metrics, employing green roofs, habitat restoration, green infrastructure, water harvesting, and efficient irrigation, resulting in a LEED Neighborhood Development Gold certification.

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