Windjammer Waterfront Park and Clean Water Facility

Project Title: Windjammer Waterfront Park and Clean Water Facility
Landscape Architect: GreenWorks PC
Category: General Design, Public
Award: Award of Merit
Location: Oak Harbor, WA

This $125 million project modernized the City’s aging Wastewater Treatment Plant by transforming it into an environmentally sensitive Clean Water Facility (CWF) with interpretive and active public spaces. The CWF Project’s surplus funds were leveraged to prepare an Integration Plan, Master Plan, and Phase I Implementation Plan for significant improvements to the adjacent,underused 28.5-acre Windjammer Park. The library-quality CWF includes interpretive viewing windows, an events plaza, and a performance pavilion.Windjammer Park improvements include new community kitchens and shelters, wind screens, restrooms, basketball courts, an entertainment pavilion, a swimming lagoon, improved walking and biking trails, playgrounds, multi-use fields, a Santa Monica-like boardwalk, a dune-scape oceanfront, and waterfront access. The central feature of the park is a long-desired splash park “Shipwreck Shores,” that includes surprising interpretive easter egg-like impressions, such as starfish, shells, otter tracks, and other sea creatures hidden within the water feature.This ground-breaking project showcases how environmentally sustainable public works projects can be integrated with stunning and effective landscape design projects that feature amenities that benefit communities, agencies, residents, and visitors alike.

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