October 2023


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President's Remarks

Dear WASLA Members and Readers,


You know it is almost Halloween when you see Christmas decorations up in Costco. 2023 truly has flown by. As conference season nearly concludes, we now step into the holiday season. Whatever you celebrate (or don’t celebrate for that matter), I hope that you all have family and friends you get to spend quality time with and good meals to share with them over the next few months.

On the note of conference season coming to an end, the National ASLA conference will be happening from the 25th through the 30th in Minneapolis. I hope that I get to see some familiar faces from our chapter there. I know that I will be seeing our National Conference Stipend Recipients there. Congratulations again to Clelie Fielding, Mallak Al-Salmi, Anuhya Konda, and Renee Li. For those of you who may not know, WASLA sends two emerging professionals and two students to the national conference each year, all they need to do is submit a short essay based on that year's prompt. It is a great opportunity to get immersed in the national landscape architecture community and network early in your career. I hope to see more applicants in 2024 for the National Conference in Washington DC!

This month is also the first meeting that our new Board of Directors members will be attending, I am very excited to welcome Michael Sánchez as our Eastern Member-at-Large, Harley Pan as our Statewide Member-at-Large, and Mike Faulkner as our President-Elect. I know they are all excited to take on their new roles. Additionally, as an early reminder, our Annual Meeting will be happening in December. During this meeting, any and all WASLA members can call in to either listen in or express their opinions, concerns, or hopes for the chapter. I hope some of you will take advantage of that time so we can learn and grow to benefit you all.



Nick Zurlini

WASLA President


   WASLA President

Take Action!

The Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) is a critical tool for landscape architects to preserve, protect, and provide access to America's public parks.

LWCF is now at risk in the U.S. Senate. $100 million will be rescinded unless Senators are reminded of the program's importance.

Write your senators today and urge them to oppose this LWCF rescission! 

City Nature and the Nature of Cities

Monday, November 13 | 6:00 pm 
Architecture Hall 147, UW Campus

Sponsored by the UW Green Futures Lab, with support from the Scan Design Foundation

Please join us for an engaging and timely lecture by Rasmus Astrup of the Copenhagen-based design studio SLA,  as he delves into the firm’s innovative approach to climate mitigation and adaptation, centered around the multifaceted capabilities of city nature. Discover how the nature-based firm of SLA, by embracing and utilizing both the social and biological values of city nature, enriches biodiversity and elevates the quality of life for all species.

During this lecture, Astrup will elaborate on the thoughts and design processes behind a selection of SLA’s most recent and innovative projects spanning from Copenhagen to Canada. You’ll be introduced to and gain insights into iconic developments such as Quayside in Toronto, and Copenhill and St. Kjelds Square in Copenhagen.


Rasmus Astrup is Partner and Design Principal at the renowned Danish nature-based studio, SLA, where he spearheads the studio’s largest and most complex international projects. Rasmus is a leading specialist in city nature, sustainable landscape architecture, and integrated climate adaptation and has led SLA’s most forward-looking and award-winning projects all over the world. His perpetual emphasis on creating the best possible places for life – all life – is continuously manifested through inspiring and green urban spaces with living ecosystems that help create robust cities, better living environments for humans as well as biodiversity, and a higher quality of life. Rasmus is the recipient of several major international honors, amongst them the 2021 World Landscape of the Year Award.

Lid I-5 Project

The Lid I-5 project in Seattle gained official support from the City Council on September 5. The Council passed a resolution, which is a statement of legislative policy or intent, to direct departments to advance planning for the project and to coordinate with the Washington State Department of Transportation. This comes as WSDOT prepares for a statewide I-5 master planning effort, studies earthquake vulnerabilities in Seattle, and studies ramp configurations in Seattle.

In the meantime, a few miles north, an offshoot of the Downtown campaign has emerged in the idea for a lid between the University District and Wallingford. The U District Partnership is a local civic and commerce organization that is spearheading the effort. At the University of Washington, landscape architecture professor Nancy Rottle is leading a studio class during the fall quarter looking at the same area between NE 45th and 50th Streets.

The U District Partnership and UW are jointly hosting a lid design charrette on Thursday, November 9, 5:30 PM. Location TBD. They are looking for 5-10 design professionals to volunteer as "table captains" and help facilitate conversations on conceptual lid designs with the students and other participants from the general public. Send your interest or questions about volunteering at this event to Katy Ricchiuto, Urban Vitality Manager: [email protected].

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